Why New pages ??
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More to come on the 2nd edition Powerpetes pages

The History or Story Behind My Site
Well sofar so good, Put up the site a year ago to host some pics and tell people something about my boats and planes and other stuff i tend to play with in the weekends.
But It has grown a bit bigger !!, I had the 16.000 th visitor in the 2nd week of februari 2003 !!

As i felt a bit flattered i wanted to add a lot more to my pages and so i neede more space, so i created another account on 20megsfree as this has worked fine for me, sorry about the adds, but thats why its a free service Huh ...

Just download and install popupkiller and you will be fine for the most of the popups..


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No scars, No scrapes, No Proof !!