Drifter S
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So small and yet so fast !!
Whoo, this is a blast to drive ! the small drifter from Hydro & Marine from germany is one of my best running electrics.

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Original model of the Victory 7
The Drifter is originally modelled after the 1997 Victory 7 which originally ran with 2 mercruiser Z drives, This model has to do it with just one motor.
  The story on the drifter
Well as some of you know I am a succer
for used models, so it also went with
this one, one of the Guys came in the
shop and offered me the Drifter.
As he wanted a good price for it I just
Couldnt resist to buy it.

Its powered by a Plettenberg 290/20/8
And topping 70 Kph on 16 Sanyo 2400 cells.

Hull, Hydro & marine
Model, Drifter S
Lenght, 62 Cm
Width, 22,9 Cm
Max weight, 2 Kg
Motor, Plettenberg 290/20/8
Controller, H&M 100 amps
Cells, 16 Sanyo RC 2400
Cells are pushed and matched
By GM Germany

Hydro & Marine specs

Future Updates
Well after some time you get used to awesome speeds
So I ordered a new motor for it, its going to be a
Graupner Evo 70 Brushless motor.
Its equal to a Hacker 9XL, so this should push the little bugger over 90 Kph.... Going to power it with a Schulze Future brushless controller..

Future Controllers Specs

Top speed results
Whooo, minding the fact this boat is only 62 cm
This is a awesome speed, But even at this top speed it remains very stable and the handling is superb.

Power beyond belief !!
This happens when you hit the throttle to fast on start up, it launches the boat a meter high if you are not carefully enough.

The shortest point between two lines, will ALWAYS be a straight line.