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Aeromarines Team USA Sprintcat
Had this hull for a while and didnt know what to do with it, i found it too heavy for electric power but a Gas wouldnt fit (said aeromarines)
To prove them wrong i cutted an plastered some nights and hey presto, it was in..

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  What the H.... is Supahfly ??
Well let me fill you in on this, as a dedicated surfer of the net and a DSL user i searched for funny websites, and doing this i found

Joe Cartoon He must be the most twisted mind on the planet, and as i liked his humour, especially the Supahfly clips, i decided to name this one Supahfly ( Whois your daddy).

Its a Aeromarine Team USA 44" cat and originally designed for a 15 cc Nitro engine, but as gas is the way to go i tried to shove a zenoah in it, had to make some scoops and covers over the pipe and carb but it fitted !!

Here i am working on the Team USA cat, just was finishing the motor mounts and all the water lines.
  Finished engine installation
Everthing is in, I used some home made mounts, and had to file off the lower enginemounts on the engine itself to get it as low as possible into the hull, this way i only needed to make a scoop for the spark plug that protruded trough the hatch.
This way it even looks a lot cooler in my opinion, thats what a offshore cat needs, a big airscoop !!

Had to build the radiobox myself as nothing we use fitted, I used the obvious MTC hardware and a MTL rudder, running this one with a ABC MW3 prop that brought it up to 75 Kph on the first runs.

Engine is a Hanson Indy pro zenoah, which i bleuprinted a bit more, did some afterwork on the ports and installed a 12.7 mm carb.
  The first test runs
Well didnt went very well, as the grey coil on the ignition came off its mount and stalled the engine a few times, it finally decided to quit, so after 1 tank of gas the fun was over.
Next week i installed a new coil, and this went a lot better, the coil was broken in the first place so i was happy i found out so soon..
The handling is great on this boat and after the first GPS reading i could go home a happy man..

Well its been a while when i last ran Supahfly, but i decided to put in a new 231 engine... will keep you updated about the progress.......

First run !! nice low rooster tail

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