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Welcome to the next Powerpetes pages, have fun on the second edition, even more info on all of my projects here !!
What can you find on the 2nd edition pages, well lots more info on all of my projects mainly involving RC Powerboats either driven electric or Nitro and Gas powered.
As i installed the page on 17-2-03 it will be under construction for a while, but hope to have all the info on it asap...

Have fun.............Peet.............

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17-02-03 Installed the new pages and made a start on it

22-02-03 added the Supahfly page

1-1-04 Revised the Zenoahtuningpages

The revised AS4 X-cellerator
Added a complete guide on how to balance your props......

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2 Brothers R/C

More to come here soon

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Indoorflying at the Den Bosch fair
Here I am preparing My ikarus taube for yet another demo flight.
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